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The opposite sex closes hire a few jubilate sad
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A lot of adding up to the person that hire is searched through the network close hire associate

The Spring Festival just passed, the person that large quantities of ab extra Wu are versed in begins to swarm into Fosan to apply for a job, accommodation is they face the problem that should solve above all. Hired a room to be heated up stealthily again then rise. In forum of a few websites inside city, also appeared large quantities of begging the card that leases a building, put forward clearly still not less to hope among them can the opposite sex closes hire.

"Close hired the feeling me to cut a won't the cut of heal. " the sth which it would be awkward to disclose that this is Miss He that hires the market. The lawyer points out, our country concerns law to set, wanted to hand in hire to enjoy access to the building only, and adding up to the person that rent one suite without the regulation must be a same sex. Although add up to the person that hire one case,partook in fact chummage reduced expenditure, close hire a few jubilate a few anxious, take subsequently a variety of how should the problem such as affection, safety avoid again with be on guard?

"Want to search won't haggle over every ounce, disposition is optimistic, have proper profession, the girl of hobby of fine of all without exception closes hire, house price water and electricity of  of 250 / month is gas incidental expenses apportion. There is simple family property inside house, water heater, washing machine, broadband waits, connection: QQ: × of × of × of 34 × × " open the webpage that offers a building to rent or relevant forum, the card that resembles afore-mentioned content cans be found everywhere. Hit of this kind of card often is resided do not fall high, and follow commonly post person numerous. According to reporter understanding, release on the net close hire information to raise 3 requirements commonly, or requirement same sex, or requirement income stabilizes hobby of fine of all without exception, or requirement life work and rest has the law. Release add up to the person that hire information to offer QQ number generally to serve as connection, leave a phone also have many.

The network is begged close hire a phenomenon general outside, seek through building intermediary add up to the phenomenon that hire to also be added gradually much. Manager of Liu of intermediary of city some house property introduces, the client that comes round to seek a room puts forward to whether can add up to the requirement that hire increasing. The business renting a house that conducted in her last year added up to the person that hire to occupy near 2 into. The reporter is in city of buddhist the city zone east next roads, build a section of a highway such as new way, green Jing Lu company of intermediary of much home building investigates discovery, close hire quite high share is owned among the business that conducts in them. The rented house in new residential quarter of the riverside austral buddhist the city zone group in, the two rooms that the reporter discovers to 10 are hired to make work the house of one hall, collaboration rents occupied 4.
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